In the premises of the Agrobiotech Research Centre of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, an event for the young generation took place as part of the pan-European Bioeconomy Changemakers Festival. Our satellite event was called Young and BioRegions.SK and attracted a number of passionate students who discussed with policy makers, entrepreneurs and researchers on a wide range of topics.
In addition, the event brought together:
✅ TEDx talks with young people who have put their hand to work in the field of sustainability, green transformation and the bioeconomy;
✅ Debates between policy makers and students, where a clear message was delivered: We are Brussels, we co-determine all policy making;
✅ The opportunity to try making your own bio-product or to learn the basics of recycling;
✅ Different examples of the use of natural materials and alternatives to plastic in the Bioeconomy Village;
✅ Presentation of different types of biomass and their applications in the BioArt Gallery;
✅ Evaluation and awarding of the most creative works in the competition “Give it a new life. Don’t throw it away, reuse it”;
✅ Bioeconomy quizzes and games;
✅ Career opportunities in bioeconomy.